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Here's what I've been working on​

Rain Chains

River Rock, Steel Cup, Copper/Brass and Porcelain

Copper River Rock 6ft-10ft

6ft                          $98

8ft                          $128

10ft                          $168

Silver Steel Cup 6ft-10ft

6ft                                      $75

8ft                                      $95

10ft                                     $115                      

Copper Brass Cups 6ft-10ft

6ft                          $85

8ft                          $105

10ft                          $125

Silver and Porcelain 6ft-10ft

6ft                         $90

8ft                         $125

10ft                         $155

Here's what we've been working on

More to come!

River Rock Greek Key

Monarch Rings


Steel Flower Cup Greek Key

Patina Beehive Honey 

I'll be adding more Rain Chain Designs. Feel Free to Email me. 

Bird Nesters 

Help your backyard birds construct a soft, warm nest this year. The Bird Nester provides an easily 

accessible source of soft nesting materials. It features a thick Galvanized or Copper Wire  ...

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